Here are some photographs of my beloved boys.

This is Kovu, he is my Chocolate Point Siamese and is the oldest and the intellectual one, AKA Lord Fauntleroy !!

Next is Buzz, he is my Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese who I bred myself, he is the jealous one and loves to torment the others, AKA Mr Buzz Man

Finally is Baloo, he is a Lilac Point Siamese and the baby of the Family, he is always at my side be it eating , sleeping or crafting !! AKA Loobs . 

They are all named after Disney characters .   


  1. I LOVE YOUR KITTIES, Julie!! They are Gorgeous and sooo regal looking in their half-closed eye stares (it's like they're saying, I see you, but I shan't look at you...) :) I've got a couple of cats that look at me in the same manner :) XOXO-Shari T.

  2. Oh yes they are beautiful Julie,they look so contented,give them all an extra hug from me!

    Donna xxxx


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