Tuesday 3 December 2013

First Take on Steampunk

I thought with this being my first post I would show you my Husband's Birthday card, as it's not me, but him who takes the photos and does the computer work for my Blog, so a little thank you tribute to him. But I'm still the brains behind the scenes LOL.

I don't have photographs of this card in the making as I made in August and at the moment I just want to get some photographs of my work up on my Blog. More up to date work will have on going photographs, but if anyone wants to know stamps used or a technique applied please e-mail me at 
Hope you enjoy my future posts.

Julie x


  1. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Good Luck in acheiving your dream.

  2. Hi julie and chris, just want to say the cards look really cool. Keep up the good work. Blog page very professional to. Lookin good.

  3. Very cool and grungy; perfect male card. Good Luck with your blog; hope you'll have lots of fun blogging and sharing your work!

    Owner & Operator @ Live & Love Crafts


Thanks for visiting, I love to read your comments so I know you have stopped by and look forward to visiting your blog.

Julie x


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